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The Waterdeep Chronicles

The Waterdeep Chronicles was a heroic fantasy campaign, set in Waterdeep and the North in the Forgotten Realms, run by the Capital Area Role Players in Lansing, Michigan. The campaign was designed to run as part of our club activities over several years, with multiple GMs, comprising a number of epic story arcs. Players were able to bring their own characters and play them at our monthly gamedays, and whenever we found the time to run games in between.

The Waterdeep Chronicles have ended. It was a great ride, and we thank Reimer Behrends, the creative (if evil) genius behind it.

Legal Note: The campaign materials are not published or endorsed by Wizards or the Coast in any way. Forgotten Realms is a trademark of TSR, Inc., and no challenge is intended to this or any other trademarks of TSR or Wizards of the Coast.

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