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Joining CARP

CARP Memberships come in three types: Primary, Secondary, and Youth. They are for one year, starting with the date you join. The primary benefit of joining CARP is a discount on all CARP events.

Primary Membership

Primary memberships are $15 per year and are the most common type of membership. Unless you are eligible for one of the other types, that's the one you should pick.

Secondary Membership

If you live in the same household as a person with a primary membership, then you are eligible for a secondary membership. That can be a spouse, parent, room mate - as long as he or she lives in the same household. Secondary memberships cost $10 per year.

Youth Membership

Youth memberships require that you are 15 years or younger when applying for one. They are much cheaper than either a primary or a secondary membership, though, costing only $5 per year.

Please print out the membership form and mail the completed form to C.A.R.P., P.O. Box 24131, Lansing, MI 48909.

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