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Charter of the Capital Area Role-Players


The name of this organization is "Capital Area Role Players", also known as "CARP".


Anyone is welcome to apply for membership in CARP. CARP is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate against anyone for any reason.

To become a member of CARP, the applicant must obtain a membership application, fill it out, and submit it along with an appropriate payment of dues to a CARP officer. At the next general membership meeting, any pending membership applications will be voted upon for acceptance into CARP. Upon acceptance, the Secretary will provide the applicant with a CARP membership card.

The term of membership is one year from date of acceptance. Annual membership dues are $15.00 for the first member of a household and $10.00 for each additional member of the household.

Upon acceptance into CARP, members shall have full voting rights.

A member's membership may be revoked for cause with no refund of dues. The member in question shall be notified in writing or via electronic mail by a CARP officer at least two weeks prior to the general membership meeting at which the issue will be resolved. At the meeting where the issue is resolved, the member in question shall have the right to speak on their own behalf. A two-thirds vote by secret ballot of the members present is required to revoke a membership.

A CARP member shall be able to renew their membership for another term by supplying payment to the Treasurer who shall inform the Secretary of the renewal.


A general membership meeting of CARP shall occur at least bi-monthly as scheduled by the Executive Board.

An annual general membership and elections meeting shall occur during the month of February as scheduled by the Executive Board. In addition to being a general membership meeting, election of CARP officers shall occur at this meeting.

A quorum at any general membership meeting shall consist of those CARP members present with a minimum of six CARP members present required. In the unlikely event that CARP membership falls below six members, a quorum shall consist of those members present. Proxies for voting shall not be accepted.

An executive board meeting of CARP shall occur at least bi-monthly as scheduled by the President. A quorum at an executive board meeting shall consist of at least three CARP officers.

Gaming events shall occur as scheduled by the Executive Board or a designated appointee. Fees for gaming events shall be as determined by the Executive Board.

CARP reserves the right to temporarily bar anyone for cause from meetings or events. The cause must be presented to the individual being barred. Only CARP officers or their designated representatives may bar a person from a CARP meeting or event. In the event of a disagreement, the highest ranking officer present shall make the final determination.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large. For the purposes of decision making, Officers are ranked in the order listed above. The members of the Executive Board shall have the authority and responsibilities commensurate with their positions.

The President's duties include:

  • Conduct CARP meetings
  • Oversee overall operations of CARP
  • Primary point of contact for CARP
  • Create and dissolve committees
  • Appoint and dismiss committee chairpersons
  • Other duties as specified by the membership

The Vice President's duties include:

  • If the President is unavailable, assume acting President status.
  • Other duties as specified by the membership or the President.

The Secretary's duties include:

  • Maintain CARP meeting minutes, membership records, etc.
  • Issue CARP membership cards.
  • Membership correspondence.
  • Other duties as specified by the membership or the President.

The Treasurer's duties include:

  • Responsible for all CARP funds.
  • Maintain CARP financial records.
  • Publish CARP financial reports at general membership meetings.
  • Other duties as specified by the membership or the President.

The Member-at-Large's duties include:

  • Duties as specified by the membership or the President.


All officers, except for the Member-at-Large are elected at the annual general membership and elections meeting. The term of office for each officer is until the next annual election.

The Member-at-Large office is intended to, but not required to, provide continuity between Executive Boards in the event of a complete turnover of officers by having one officer (usually but not limited to the President) continue as an officer. The Member-at-Large position is not an elected position. The person filling the position is selected and dismissed by the Executive Board.

The election shall be conducted at the beginning of the meeting by an Elections Chairperson appointed by the President.

Nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the beginning of the election.

Nominees shall be allowed to give a brief speech and answer any questions from the membership.

Election shall occur by secret ballot. Tallying of votes shall be done by two CARP members, appointed by the Elections Chairperson, who are not candidates for office. In the event of a tie, a run-off balloting shall occur.

If, for any reason, an elected office is vacated, a special election to fill the vacancy shall occur at the next general membership meeting.

Removal from Office

CARP members have the right to call for the removal from office of any officer, including the Member-at-Large. To initiate a removal from office, the member must communicate a request to the President in writing or via electronic mail. If the request is to remove the President from office, the Vice President shall be notified and the Vice President shall be the presiding officer of the proceedings.

The presiding officer shall schedule a special general membership meeting within a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four weeks of the request. It is the responsibility of the presiding officer to ensure that a reasonable effort is made to inform the membership of the meeting. The officer against whom the motion has been made must be informed of when the meeting is to occur. If said officer is not available at that time and wishes to attend, the meeting must be scheduled when he or she is available.

At the special general membership meeting, all interested parties shall be allowed to speak for or against the removal from office.

A two-thirds vote by secret ballot of the members present is required to remove the officer from office. The vote shall be tallied by two CARP members who are appointed to by the presiding officer.

CARP Code of Conduct

Anyone, CARP member or not, attending a CARP event or meeting shall abide by the following rules. Failure to comply shall result in the ejection of the individual from the event or meeting:

  • Any illegal act is, by definition, illegal and therefore not allowed
  • No consumption of alcohol is allowed
  • Use of tobacco (Smoking, chewing, snuff, etc.) shall not occur indoors
  • Weapons, real or simulated, are not allowed
  • Disruptive behavior shall not be tolerated
  • Respect for other attendees and the physical location of the event meeting shall occur
  • The GM is the final arbiter at the table where he or she is running a game
  • "Rules-lawyering" about the charter shall not be tolerated

Capital Area RPGA (CARPGA)

There shall be a sub-group of the Club that is a sanctioned Role Playing Gamers Association (RPGA) Club. The name of this sub-group shall be "Capital Area RPGA" or "CARPGA". This sub-group shall have its own by-laws as dictated by the RPGA; otherwise their bylaws are the same as those of CARP. Cost of individual membership in the RPGA is the responsibility of the individual club member. Amendment of Charter

Amendment of this charter can be initiated by any Club member. The requested change(s) must be communicated in writing or via electronic mail to any officer at least two weeks prior to the subsequent general membership meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present is required at the general membership meeting to accept the change(s).

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