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CARP 2010 Election/Annual Meeting (2/21/2010)

First off, my thanks to everyone who showed up. We had great food and a good time.

With no other candidates and the current board willing to continue, you've got the same board. In addition, we've appointed Chris Doemel as Member at Large, and you should be seeing more of him around. He's got great energy and good ideas to help the club grow.

We decided to go ahead and renew our membership in GAMA, as at least 3 club members are planning to take advantage of the half-price discount for Origins. Once again it's entirely a paper process, but since as yet that's the ONLY way to register for Origins, at least we're in good company! Maybe this time they'll actually get us in the book and on their web page as an affiliated club. Look for an Origins entry under "Michigan Gaming Exchange" and then "Conventions of Interest". And give us a week or so for GAMA to process the paperwork.

The biggest change is in gameday scheduling. We're going to shift from two slots on game weekend Sundays to one slot, and the location will default to Evolution. As there are several people who'd like to run games, we're also opening up the schedule so that members can schedule games on other than our usual two weekends a month.

In order to schedule something "off" schedule, here's what you need to do.

  • Make sure that you have a GM and access to what you want to run. (We can order for you, given enough lead time.)
  • Acquire a place to play. Evo is happy to have us, and there are other game stores with play space in town as well. Call the place and make sure they have space for you when you want to play.
  • Let the board know. (email the board or email me). Tell us what, when, where, and for how long. A blurb is a really good idea as well, as it helps people decide if they want to play. We'll put it up on Warhorn. We'll also email you a pdf of the Table Tracking Sheet and a current member list (just names, membership numbers and expiration dates).
  • If you're going to need things printed, please give us a couple of weeks notice. John, the Secretary, travels out of the country on business quite a bit, and it helps him to have lead time. You'll need to arrange to pick things up from one of the board members.
  • Let the members know via the Membership Mailing List
  • On game day, please make sure you fill out a table tracking sheet and collect money from folks, as well as any particular tracking for the game (like RPGA's LFR sheets). Per slot, it's $4 for non-members, $2 for members, first session playing with CARP is free, and one can always pay with a "Fish Stick" (the cards we give GMs for running games so they can play for free).

Here's to a terrific year for CARP!

Jae Walker, President

CARP Scheduling Additions and Changes (7/19/2007)

Jae Walker, President

The picnic was great, despite rain for half the day. A white-tailed doe came and posed for us, then ran off before I could take her picture. People played a little Flux, ate lots of wonderful food, and the third season launch of MSU Shadows went well, setting up an in-story rationale for splitting the group into two sessions (which we have to do because there are just too many people playing at once to give them all time to roleplay and develop their characters.) Not that I'm complaining! I just want to torture them in smaller groups so they can appreciate the experience.

Pictures of the picnic (and other CARP events) can be found at the CARP Picasa site

There's been a lot going on behind the scenes. Here's your guide to what's what with CARP these days.

  • New Campaigns
    Two new historical horror campaigns – Fellowship of the White Star and Witch Hunter: Dark Providence – launched at Origins. We will be bringing both of these to CARP, as they both seemed to have a great following. When I have a few minutes, I'll set up pages for them.

  • New CARP Home Campaign Game Day weekend.
    CARP currently has 5 home campaigns running(1). People hate making a choice between Blackmoor and Serenity and Star Trek, MSU Shadows needs to go to two sessions, and Rifts and :Traveller were having trouble gaining traction against the juggernaut that is Blackmoor. Or Arcanis. We're spawning a second game weekend, devoted exclusively to our home campaigns.

  • End of the split-location experiment.
    We tried splitting our Saturday between Fortress and Evolution, and pretty much nobody liked that. Instead, we'll be alternating between Fortress and Evolution(2). If there's a home football game or other parking reducing event in East Lansing, we'll go with Evolution. With two CARP Saturdays a month, neither is likely to be neglected.

  • More-or-less fixed game weekend schedule.
    As more and more clubs and events start up in the surrounding area, it gets harder for us to avoid colliding with them, especially with the addition of the Home Campaign Game Day. We're going to try to meet on a fixed schedule, with the Regular Game Day the first weekend after a Wed of the month, and the Home Campaign Game Weekend the 3rd weekend of the month. Occasionally we'll end up moving those, so keep an eye on the schedule. We'll try to be consistent.

The schedule(ish) - subject to change:
Wknd Event Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1st Game Day 4/5 8/9 6/7 3 /4 8/9
2nd CARP Presents *27/28 *29/30
3rd CARP Home Campaign 25/26 22/23 20/21 17/18 22/23
4th Board meeting 26 30 *14  *16
UCon    9-11  

  • Odd weekends:
Oct 14 board meeting; Dec. 16 board meeting
Oct. 27/28 C.A.R.P. Presents: Halloween LD, Witch Hunter, Fellowship of the White Star, MSU Shadows
Dec. 29/30 C.A.R.P. Presents: LD - End of the Road (LD finale)

(1) The CARP Home Campaigns are: MSU Shadows, Rifts, Serenity, Star Trek and Traveller
(2) I just found out today (7/19/07) that Fortress has changed hands. As of Aug 20, 2007, it will be under new ownership, and we don't know yet how that will affect our scheduling.

Getting the GAMA rate for Origins

I'm afraid I have inconvenient news. I managed to tag Sean Fallon, and here's what he said to do in order to get your Origins badge at half off (the CARP rate as a GAMA club).

"Download the PDF of the registration form from the Origins site, fill out all of the appropriate info, and mail or fax it in with their payment or pay info. There's no way to sign up electronically and get the discount."

Since event registration will open soon, I'd recommend faxing it. Also, the deadline is May 25th. If you want to download the spreadsheet with the events and their numbers, you can find it here: https://www.originsgames.com/2007/events

You can get the form here: http://www.carp-mi.net/files/CARP/

The Fax number is: 614-255-4499

If you're going to Origins and you want the 1/2 off club discount, act quickly!


Jae Walker, President, CARP

Changes All Over

Jae Walker, CARP President

One larger change, one smaller. First the smaller - we reviewed the Charter and voted to streamline it. The new charter should be up shortly. Second - there's a new game store in town, Evolution Games, and it's a very gamer-friendly place. We're going to try splitting our Saturday gamedays between there and Fortress, with the first slot at Fortress and the second at Evolution. Ordinarily Fortress stays open late for us on Gameday Saturdays, but Kevin's developed a life and he would like to go home at their regular closing time of 7 pm. On the other hand, Fortress has been good to us, and we don't want to ditch them. We're going to try the split Saturday for May and June and see how it goes. If we can deal with it, we'll make it permanent. Sundays will continue to be at Gone Wired.

We have a slew of new campaigns running: Serenity (2 sessions!), Star Trek, Rifts and Traveller, in addition to our MSU Shadows campaign. We're also running Dave Arneson's Blackmoor, Living Arcanis, Shadowrun Missions, Living Spycraft, Legends of the Shining Jewel, and Delta Files. Check them out!

CARP Picnic Info and Directions

Jae Walker, CARP President

We're having the Third annual CARP Gameday and Picnic July 15, 2006, at Lake Lansing Park North (http://www.ingham.org/pk/LL/Lake%20Lansing%20North/LLNMAIN.htm), at the Oak Knoll Shelter. We'll start at 11:30, as always, but will have only one slot of games to allow more time for food and socializing.

Lake Lansing Park North is located at 6260 East Lake Drive in Haslett directly across from the Lake Lansing Boat Launch. When you enter the park, bear to the right and park in the first parking area on the right. There's a sidewalk that leads to the Oak Knoll shelter. Look for my red minivan (license plate COUNTES) as a landmark, as I plan to be there relatively early.

This event is free to CARP members (including food!). We're planning to provide hamburgers, hotdogs and some kind of non-meat, as well as charcoal/lighter, disposable plates, cups, paper towels and cutlery. People are volunteering to bring various dishes to pass, so please let us know if you'd like to bring something - and what! Grill space is available if you want to bring your own grillables.

Non-members are (of course) welcome, but we'll be shaking you down for $10 for game and goodies. And please consider bringing YOUR favorite dish to pass as well.

If you're bringing a dish to pass, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can plan to fill in the gaps.

You'll want to bring bug spray (with Deet) and some kind of paperweight to hold down your character sheets. Maybe even sheet protectors, as there's no predicting weather in Michigan. We have a shelter, but that's a roof only; no walls.

Also, be advised that it's very easy to miss the entrance to the park; it's just north of the boat launch (which is on the other - lake - side of Lake Rd). I missed it the first time and drove all the way around the lake.

You can register at: Warhorn

In years past we planned several games, but it always seems to end up with everyone playing just one game. This year Joe Kavanagh and I have been feveredly plotting away for the resurrection of MSU Shadows, and didn't arrange for anything else. The revised character generation rules are up, and we're making a bunch of pre-generated characters for people to use. In addition, there will be books and help for character creation at the picnic.

If you're not interested in MSU Shadows (Buffy horror RPG Cinematic Unisystem, set at MSU), don't let that discourage you from coming to the picnic. If there's something you'd like to run, let the members' list know that you're bringing it along and maybe others will be interested. Bring along board or card games, or just come out to eat and hang out. CARP's Annual Picnic is as much a social occasion as anything.

See you there!

CARP in the News

Jae Walker, CARP President
An article about CARP appeared in Lansing NOISE on Wednesday November 2nd, 2005. Go out and get a copy - we're famous! Okay, at least it's publicity. The article is well balanced and presents the club in a very positive light. The giant dice (and hand holding them) belong to CARP Member-at-Large Joe Kavanagh.

Game Dates through the end of 2005

Jae Walker, CARP President

May 14/15 - Fortress Comics and Games
June 25/26 - Fortress Comics and Games
July 16 - Picnic - TBD, probably Lake Lansing Park again
Aug 27/28 - Fortress Comics and Games
Sept 24/25 - Fortress Comics and Games
Oct 22/23 - Fortress Comics and Games
Nov 26/27 - Fortress Comics and Games
Dec 10/11 - Fortress Comics and Games

There will be additional events through out the year, focusing on different individual campaigns. More to come as we work it all out.

Foundation Report, April 1-3

Hannah Remtema, CARP Secretary

Foundation was a success! Held at the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing, MI for the first time, Foundation Spring 2005 brought many gamers together for one heck of a weekend. CARP was responsible for a large portion (but not all) of the roleplaying games run at the convention. We had a good group for the Legends of the Shining Jewel interactive on Friday night, and some Living Greyhawk. There were 10 full tables of various games for each of the three slots on Saturday. There was Greyhawk, Shining Jewel, Mark of Heros, Living Force, Living Spycraft, and more! Sunday's attendance was reduced by daylight savings time and a late Saturday night for some, but we still had a good time.

The March Gameday was effectively cancelled so our GM pool could do some last minute preparations for Foundation. It was a worthwhile sacrifice, since we got multiple compliments on the quality of our game masters over the weekend. Besides, I think everyone got their fair share of gaming at the convention. If you haven't gotten enough, you can join us at Fortress for our next game day on April 30th and May 1st.

February 26/27 Election/Gameday Report

Jae Walker, CARP President

We ran 3 tables of Legends of the Shining Jewel each slot on Saturday, as well as one of Spycraft and one of Shadowrun Missions on Sunday. It was a pure joy to actually have more LSJ GMs than we actually needed, letting some of the more experienced GMs do some on-the-job training for the up-and-comers. The only thing that didn't run was Delta Files, and I think I will probably try to get that its own day. We saw a number of new faces, primarily folks who'd discovered LSJ at Elfcorp (thanks, Joe & co!).

The election took place and your officers are: President: Jae Walker, Vice President: James Humpula, Secretary: Hannah Remtema, Treasurer: Eric V. Clark. We're having our first board meeting on Tuesday to select a victim...er... volunteer for Member at Large. We give our heartfelt thanks to the departing board members – without you, there wouldn't be a club!

January 22, 2005 Members' Meeting Report

Jae Walker, CARP VP

The members' meeting was brief and uneventful. We talked about how the club is doing, took volunteers/nominations for the new board, discussed the ongoing problem of not being able to get enough GMs, and debated where it is Eric V. Clark is actually working (across from Lansing Mall at Gamespot). Had to phone him for that last.

We're going to try something called "shotgun judging" to encourage new GMs. Less experienced (or less confident) GMs will work with a more experienced GM, with one running the tactics and actual combat and the other keeping track of the numbers. This has the added benefit of making D20 combat run both more quickly and more smoothly. Please contact us (carp@carp-mi.net) if you're interested in participating.

Legends of the Shining Jewel is doing really well. Since October, we've run 13 tables. By comparison, we've run 11 tables of Living Greyhawk. We're now sponsoring an official playtest group for LSJ, and I will be editing some of their modules for them. Elfcorp Con (Feb 11-13) and Foundation (April 1-3) will have new LSJ modules and an interactive. See the main page of our web site (http://www.carp-mi.net) for dates and links to conventions in the area.

Current candidates for the new board (to be elected Feb 26) are listed below. We'll take volunteers and nominations up through the beginning of the member meeting (5 pm Feb 26).

President: Jae Walker Vice President: Pat Grant, James Humpula, Joe Kavanagh Treasurer: Eric V. Clark Secretary: Hannah Remtema

August 7, 2004 - CARP Presents Legacy of the Green Regent

Jae Walker, CARP VP
We will be running scenarios #11 and #12 of the Legacy of the Green Regent campaign on August 7, beginning at 11:30 am at Fortress Games. If you want to participate, please register at http://www.carp-mi.net/Gamedays/LGRPreregistration . We have enough GMs for 2 tables of 4-6 people in each slot. If we have overflow, we can run an additional table of each (concurrently) on Sunday, August 7. The fee is $2 per slot for CARP members and $4 per slot for non-members.

In the event that more people register than we have seats, those who registered earlier will have precedence.

Scenario Descriptions
Legacy of the Green Regent #11 - Humilty, by Christopher Lindsay. You are secretly sent to Orlbar to retrieve an agent of the High Lord from the clutches of the church of Bane. Risky? Indeed, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Legacy of the Green Regent #12 - Tyranny, by Christopher Lindsay. As heroes of Loudwater you journey back into the Heart of Bane to destroy an artifact that imprisons the souls of those foolish enough to oppose the Black Lord.

July 2004 Gameday Report

Jae Walker, CARP VP

The club is continuing to grow and to do well. We're going to need to have more people willing to step up and GM, though, if we're going to be able to meet the needs of our growing club. You don't have to be perfect – just willing and reliable!

We ran 9 tables total (including slot 0's):

  • LF: 1 table (5)
  • LG: 1 table (6)
  • LGR: 3 tables (14 players - 1 table of 4 was a slot 0)
  • LY: 2 tables (12 players - 1 table of 5 was a slot 0)
  • MSUS: 2 tables (8 players - 1 table of 4 was a slot 0)

We had 32 unique participants, 30 of whom played, 7 of whom GM'd (of whom 2 GM'd only). A round of applause for our GMs, please! They are: Eric V. Clark, Fish, Lisa Gamero, Joe Kavanagh, Mike McKeown, Kirk Taskila, Jae Walker

We added 4 new members and 1 renewed, bringing membership up to 29 people.

We're on the right track!

June 2004 Gameday Report

Jae Walker, CARP VP CARP was really cookin' in June. At the gameday June 12 we had tables of Dragonstorm, Legacy of the Green Regent #8, Living Force (Dorumaa's Children), Living Greyhawk FUR403 ("Bells in Gold", and MSU Shadows ("How Does Your Garden Grow"). In addition we ran a table of Living Death ("White Christmas") at a separate event.

We picked up two renewal memberships and a new youth membership – welcome back/aboard!

I'd like to especially thank our GM's, since without them nothing at all would have happened! Thanks to: Al Baker, James Humpula, Joe Kavanagh, Mike McKeown, Kirk Taskila, and Al West.

We talked some more about a picnic, and it looks like August is going to be our best bet, since there's a fair amount of lead-time needed to reserve pavillion space at any of the parks. We were thinking that it would work best to have one slot of gaming, followed by food and general partying. Please let us know what interests you, and what you might be able to do to help the club with this event. You can respond to member@carp-mi.net (our mailing list) or board@carp-mi.net (the board).

We've also had several people offer to run games, and we'd like to see if there are folks interested. Please feel email us (this list or board@carp-mi.net) and let us know what interests you.

  • Any of our usual suspects: Legacy of the Green Regent, Living Death, Living Dragonstar, Living Force, Living Greyhawk (We're going to run MSU Shadows regardless)
  • Fish is looking forward to running what we're calling "SpyGate" (Spycraft, Stargate or any combination thereof).
  • Al Baker is willing to run more Dragonstorm.
  • Chris Boyd is willing to run any of several games: Harp (Iron Crowns' RoleMaster redone), Arrowflight (fantasy game six-sided dice), Alternity (Sci-Fi), Undiscovered (Fantasy game created by eilfin publishing), Cyberpunk (The game that started the genre and better than Shadowrun3E in my (Chris Boyd's) opinion).
  • Pat Schulz wants to run Shadowrun Missions.

Ideally we'll want 2-3 scenarios for each session.

Again, a big thanks to everyone who made the gameday a success!

Registration for 6/12/04 closed - Jae Walker, CARP VP

Registration Status as of 6/11/04 12:00 pm
  • Slot 1 Dragonstorm has 4 registered and will run. Al Baker GM, players: E Clark, L Gamero, M VanNortwick, A West
  • Slot 1 MSU Shadows has 2 registered and will run. Jae Walker GM, players: J Humpula, S Watson
  • Slot 1 Legacy of the Green Regent is full. Joe Kavanagh GM, players: J Cummings, M McKeown, S Nelson, P Schulz, K Stinde, A Tom (P Grant on standby)
  • Slot 2 Living Greyhawk: FUR403 Bells in Gold has only 3 people preregistered – without 1 more person it can't run. Everyone should show up, in case we get 1 more player, but be aware that it may not run. Al West GM, players: P Grant, K McRowe, K Stinde
  • Slot 2 Living Force: Dorumaaa's Children is full (but we have a 2nd GM if needed). James Humpula GM, players: J Cummings, S Nelson, P Monk, P Schulz, A Tom, S Watson

Legacy of the Green Regent is full – we'll try to arrange for extra judges next time we run one of these. We have a backup judge for either Living Force or Living Greyhawk in slot 2, so as long as both don't go to two tables we should be covered for expansion. RPGA games (LoGR, LF, LG) all have table limits – minimum of 4 players, maximum of 6 – and the club must abide by those restrictions.

In the event that more people preregister than we have seats, those who registered earlier will have precedence.

Registration Status as of 6/1/04 1:27 pm - Jae Walker, CARP VP

(Preregister here!)

  • Slot 1 Dragonstorm has 4 people preregistered and will run.
  • Slot 1 Legacy of the Green Regent has 5 people preregistered and after one more person registers it will be sold out. We have only one GM who can't stay for the 2nd slot, so we can't seat a second table. Current registrants are: J Cummings, M McKeown, S Nelson, P Schulz, A Tom
  • Slot 2 Living Greyhawk: FUR403 Bells in Gold has only 2 people preregistered and without 2 more registrations no table will run. Current registrants are: K McRowe, K Stinde
  • Slot 2 Living Force: Dorumaaa's Children has 4 people preregistered: J Cummings, S Nelson, P Schulz, A Tom

We have a backup judge for either Living Force or Living Greyhawk in slot 2, so as long as both don't go to two tables we should be covered for expansion.

In the event that more people preregister than we have seats, those who registered earlier will have precedence.

5/13/04 - Jae Walker, CARP VP - Come Play With Us

School is out and registration is really light – come play with us Saturday, May 15, and spend some quality time with your fellow gamers. We'll be at Fortress Games (425 Albert, E. Lansing, MI) starting around 11 am and until either 10 pm or so, or till we leave because we don't have enough players for any of the games to run. The GMs have gone to a lot of work to prepare games, and it would be a shame to disappoint them.

I had the privilege of playtesting the first MSU Shadows game, Arts and Crafts, and it was a blast. If you enjoyed the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV show, or if you just enjoy a good, cinematic game, you'll love this. We'll bring fast-play characters, but it's so simple to make your own that we'll make time in the first hour or so for character creation. Right now we only have one person registered, so please, if you think you might be interested, register for the game!

We'll have two Living Greyhawk scenarios, and right now registration stands at 3 players for each, 1 less than needed under RPGA rules. It would be a shame for folks to come from out of town to play, only to find out there weren't enough players for the game to run. So... go register!

Lastly, I'm the *only* one registered to play in Reimer's game in the second slot. Since it involves a school of magic with definite Potterian overtones, I hope that at least a couple more people might be interested.

Even if you can't come to play, if you're a CARP member, remember that we're having a brief Member's Meeting at 4 pm to discuss the topic of elections, and anything else the membership feels is important.

Hope to see you there!

4/27/04 - Jae Walker, CARP VP

I mentioned in my previous entry that there is activity in CARP. Here's some of what's being planned. (If you don't see something you want in our plans, then email us at carp [at] carp-mi [dot] net and let us know what you would like to do! The club = the members, after all!)

  • MSU Shadows - Our secretary, Kirk Taskila, is launching a Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG campaign, set in and around MSU campus. Hero creation guidelines should go up shortly.
  • CARP Presents - Several of us were finding ourselves frustrated by the limits of having only one gameday a month. Either other plans would get in the way or we'd have to choose between equal favorites. To remedy this, we're starting up something we're calling Carp Presents. Various individuals with particular interests will be running additional sessions outside of the monthly gameday, in hopes of giving all of us a chance to play more of what we want to play.

(to be continued)

4/14/04 - Jae Walker, CARP VP

I asked Reimer (our beloved Member at Large and Webmaster) to set this up as a sort of weblog for the Board, as a way to quickly inform the membership (and anyone else who might be interested) of club issues and activity.

Because... there is activity! When the current Board took over, CARP membership had dwindled into the single digits, and Waterdeep Chronicles was pretty much all we had going on. Our President, Mike McKeown, has been really proactive about bringing games into the club and involving us with the Foundation conventions (which has resulted in a lot of very good publicity for the club).

Member Meeting May 15th, 4 pm
We didn't manage to publicize the member meeting for April (and our President had to go fetch his wife), so the meeting ended up being postponed. We'll have one major item of business - a proposal to postpone the annual election until next February. We'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with CARP members. If the majority of the paid members would rather hold elections in May, we can go ahead and do it right then.

  • Here's the skinny on the whole election issue. According to our Charter, the annual election is supposed to be in February. Last year that slid to May. Rather than resetting the annual election date to May, the board members are all willing to continue until February 2005, thus resetting the election to the right month.
  • The founding CARP members chose February because they thought it was the month that would provide the largest informed electorate. Since it's during the academic year, MSU students who joined in the Fall would have time to get to know their fellow club members and be able to make an informed decision. Non-students... well, there really isn't much to do in Michigan in February, so why "not" have our election then?

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